Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crunch Time....

Every spring the students I teach in the G/T program are required to pick a topic to research and then compile and summarize information, gather pictures, etc and put everything together on a display board. The last two weeks have been CRAZY busy with me helping the last "stragglers" get everything ready before the school Project Fair (held this Friday, May 23rd).
This is pretty much what both of my classrooms have looked like these past two weeks:

They have all been working very hard (not to mention myself!), can't wait to see the finished projects!!

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Vicki A. Davis said...

I just love the pictures on this blog post. Thank you for visiting my blog today and sending me your way! Wow! This is marvelous!

You will be on my blog tomorrow with a few comments (and I twittered you a moment a go.)

At first I said, "Display boards?" then I realized 1) the age of the student, 2) how much work on the computer each display board contains, 3) the richness of the final products (on your two recent posts), and 4) the number of computers you have (do you really only have one?)

Wow! I am very impressed and I love the fact that each student has an individual research product. I also like that you must have taught them the consistency of font and graphic appeal of the boards. They are so proud displaying their work.

This must have taken SO much work and by posting this work on the internet, now they are here.

It would be cool to put just the boards on bubbleshare or each individual board on a Voicethread and let the students leave their voice behind describing their board as a legacy.

Excellent job and thanks for letting me know you're here!