Friday, May 9, 2008

Life is NOT a video game!

Okay, I have to report on something today that scared me more than a little.

I was walking a small group of kindergardeners up to my classroom, which happens to be on the top level of the building. The building is configured really weird, with a series of overlapping ramps not far from my room. There is a railing that you can look over and see all the way down to the first floor.....
As we were walking to my room, this tiny little boy who barely speaks English says,

"If I jump down, will I die?"

Umm, my heart skipped a beat. "Yes, you would probably die. Jumping would be very dangerous!"

Then he says, "Then I'll just start over!"

"What do you mean???"

"If I die I'll just start over like in the video games!!"

Whoa, this had me very alarmed. "Lets get one thing straight. Life is NOT a video game. You only get one chance and if you die, you will not get to start over, you will be gone forever. Don't ever think about jumping or doing anything you see in the video games! "

One more reason not to allow little kids to play certain games. These new video games are a little too realistic in certain aspects and this just goes to show you that young kids cannot make the distinction between reality and fantasy.
Scary stuff!


Betty said...

I talk to my grandsons (ages 4 and 7) about this kind of thing all of the time. Thanks for an important message.

Bradie said...

Wow, that is so scary! I hope that you told him exactly what you wrote, he is not too young to hear the truth!

shegstrom said...

What a compelling story, I am glad I found your website. Thanks to CoolCatTeacher's blog. It is so true we need to gear our children towards age appropriate games. A never ending challenge as a parent and educator. The games are getting more realistic and how do children know where to draw the line between reality and fantasy. A very fine line indeed. Thank you for sharing, it truly has me thinking about how my 15 year old interprets some of the older teen games he is now allowed to play. Feel free to visit me at Shegstrom-Comptechteacher . I also found a sad post titled "Parents blame gruesome video on son's death", it can be found here.