Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Entrepreneurs.....

Today one of our 4th grade classes is hosting a fund-raising meal to raise money to go to Dairy Queen. For $6.50 you get a choice of grilled burger or chicken breast (on bun), chips, salad, juice, and either homemade cookie or fruit. I think it is a good deal! The teacher and students did all of the preparing and organizing of the meal, each student having a specific job.

I am writing about this because as I was going to go pick up my lunch, one of the other teachers stopped me in the hallway to comment, "You are supporting this?? They are raising money to go to DAIRY QUEEN. Most teachers just treat their students!"
I really like this teacher as a person, but her response made me mad!! My response to her was, "First of all, not every teacher has money to treat 30 students at Dairy Queen. I know I personally couldn't afford to do that. Second of all, I think this type of project holds a lot of value. Its a great way to teach economics and cost/profit, etc. Not to mention that the ice cream is going to taste so much better and be appreciated that much more because the students earned it. It also builds a sense of community and teamwork. The more I think about it, the better I think this project is!"

It bothers me when certain people do not see the bigger picture , but I am certainly going to continue to show my support for other learning projects such as this one.

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Anonymous said...

oh my, oh my----I just "linked" on over to your blog--from..."gringa n mexico" and man, this post hit me---props to you for saying, YES I AM-and answering back-tired, stagnant, bitter peeps need to chill and meeting their negativity with reason is the only way to make a difference-although many times it is not the "easiest" way...(that´s cause when we think EASY, we tend to mean least confrontative...) good JOB!