Friday, April 18, 2008

Kid Genius.....

I work with a bunch of smart little kids, but sometimes I come across a kid who will do or say something incredible.
For example, I like to play a game called Wiz Kids with my students from time to time. There are two decks of cards in the game, letter cards and category cards. You randomly pull one of each and students need to think of something in that category that starts with the letter you pulled.

So what do you think most 1st graders say when you ask them to name "Something Gross" that starts with the letter "I"????
Here are the typical 1st grade responses.....
"Ice cream"

Imagine my surprise the day the little toothless R says, "Industrial Waste!!"

Are you kidding me?
What do 1st graders know about industrial waste???!!!!
But somehow R knew, and he knew it was gross :)

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