Monday, April 21, 2008

US History

How well do you know the History of the US? I recently found these online quizes that the state of Texas gives to all high school students before they graduate. Thought you might want to see how you do! Each quiz has 40 questions......

US History Quiz 1

US History Quiz 2

US History Quiz 3

Have fun!


Greta Adams said...

i'm here and have this bookmarked...my MIL is a bi lingual speech pathologist in NYC and she works in the same atmosphere as you...

i have to admire you because i couldn't do it my patience wouldn't allow me and there is not enough xnax in the world...lol

Karen said...

Great blog Kristi!

You found the TAKS test prep stuff. Isn't it fun? Check out the third grade reading and math tests. You'll understand why Texas teachers pull their hair out.